Sunday, November 25, 2018

How to handle a new TAG in the ISO20022 bank statements - Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

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In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, against the Advanced bank reconciliation Module, we can import electronic bank statements and automatically reconcile them.

The article below will explain the set up processes for reconciliation.

Advanced bank reconciliation setup process

Days ago I spent some time in order to handle a new XML Tag.

The link below explain the basic setup. The Bank Statement import varies, depending on the format of your electronic bank statement. F&O supports three bank statement formats out of the box: ISO20022, MT940, and BAI2.
Set up the advanced bank reconciliation import process

So, for instance if you have to handle a new Column/Tag into the Bank Statement Lines table (BankStmtISOReportEntry),  you have to:

  1. Add the new field to the BankStmtISOReportEntry table
  2. Add the same field to the BankStatementLineStaging table and BankStatementLineEntity Data Entity
  3. Edit the SampleBankCompositeEntity.xml file and Add the new Tag according the new Field added to the Step 1 and related the specific Section/Table
  4. Edit the BankReconiliation-to-Composite.xslt trasformation file and add the new Tag. In my case I searched for another "similar" tag for the same Entity and I replicate all found entries and change the name
  5. Edit the ISO20022XML-to-Reconciliation.xslt trasformation file, found the  entry and Add the new Tag Section. Also in that case I have copied another "similar" section and change the name
  6. Go through the Entity and regenerate the Mapping
  7. Lastly, in F&O recreate the Entity in the Data Management Processing Group and follow the steps mentioned in the Setup link above
  8. Test the file Import
Take a look also to the link below in order to, for instance, Debug an XSLT file.

That's it!