Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Deploy SSRS Reports Manually - Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations On Premises Installation

Hi All and Happy 2018!!

In an D365FO On Premise Installation you can raise an issue where the SSRS Reports are not deployed.
From my understanding it should be a Bug that will be fixed soon.

However, you can deploy them manually following the below steps:

  1. Go to the SSRS nodes.
  2. Access to the C:\ProgramData\SF\Rep_xx\Fabric\work\Applications\ReportingService_Appxx\ReportingBootstrapperPkg.Code.x.x.x.xxxxxxxxxxx\Scripts folder
  3. Open PowerShell in Admin Mode. So Click on the File menĂ¹\Open Windows PowerShell\Open Windows PowerShell as Administrator
  4. .\DeployAllReportsToSSRS -PackageInstallLocation \\AOS1SERVERNAME\c$\ProgramData\SF\AOS_xx\Fabric\work\Applications\AXSFType_Appxxx\AXSF.Code.x.x.x.xxxxxxxxxxx.zip.0\Packages -ReportServerIp XX.XX.XX.XX
Till soon!