Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dynamics AX issue ? No problem...

Hi All

In our job, often we have faced some errors or strange behaviors.
Also, often I seen a wrong approach about on figure out the issue.

In many case, the developers try to figure out the issue using debug.
In complex scenarios, the debug approach can take a lot of time and sometime not produce any result.

From my point of view, when we face an issue, the steps are:

1-  Check if there is already a hotfix provided by Microsoft using Lifecycle Services,, especially Issue Search.

2-   Search or post a question on the Microsoft Dynamics AX Community,
      Here you can work with many people that probably have already faced your issue and that can help in the right way to solve.
      Additionally, on MS AX Community you will have the pleasure to work with people that have a lot of seniority on Dynamics AX, both Technical that Functional.

3-   Raise a case on Microsoft,
Often, the Microsoft reply is very quick if found the issue in their internal database.
Otherwise, is needed some days just to replicate the case on their environment and provide you the relative hotfix.
Finally, you have the opportunity to help Microsoft to improve Dynamics AX and so have a product more stable for other Customers.

4-  Lastly, before debug, involve your functional colleague just to figure out if the issue can be related to a wrong setup.

Finally, if you have in mind something that could improve the product, submit your suggestions using Microsoft Connect,

Speak soon!