Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Run Client Batches on Dynamics AX 2009

Here the steps to run Batch Job Client Side in Dynamics AX 2009 :

- First of all, modify the class and override the Method RunsImpersonated. Modify this method with Return False. In this way the Class will execute Client Side
- Create a Batch Group (Administration -> Setup -> Batch groups)
- Add this batch group to an AOS acting as batch server. (Administration -> Setup -> Server configuration)
- Start the batch client ( Basic -> Periodic -> Batch -> Processing )
- Select the new batch group and press 'OK'
- In the Server Configuration Form, verify that exists only AOS Instance really present. Delete all AOS Instance that don't exist.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dynamics AX 2009 EP - WebForm anyMarked method don't work

Problem :

Could happen that the anyMarked() method of a Webform Datasource don't work.

Solution :

Set the InsertAtEnd properties of the Datasource a NO

Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal - WebForm Lookup - Firefox, Google chrome, ect

In Dynamics AX 2009 EP, don't work lookup control on Firefox, Google Chrome, ect.It work only with Internet Explorer.

Cause :

Class WebFormHtml method showLookupButton.
This method in the Syp layer have introduce the keyword URLENCODE.
In the Sys layer instead is use the keyword Escape.

Solution :

Use sys layer code ( Keyword Escape ), so compare Sys with Syp and move the code present in Sys in the current layer ( Var, Usr, ect )