Friday, March 7, 2014

The SSRS report labels do not display or the report shows label IDs

Hi guys

If labels are not shown in the SSRS reports, try to follow this suggestion :

1- Check the SSRS Service Account password, could be invalid :

2- Refresh the AX Cache, so through MenĂ¹ Tool\Caches, run Refresh Dictionary, Refresh Data, Refresh Elements, Refresh Report Server.
On CU7, MS have introduce "Refresh Report Server". This one, reset SSRS AX metadata caches.

3- Restart Sql Server Reporting Services.
If think, you can avoid this option if you can Reset SSRS AX metadata caches using the Refresh Report Server Cache new CU7 feature.

That's it!


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nurdhiya raduan said...


i've tried all of your steps, but it still didnt solve any of my problem.

report seems working fine in the server, the problem only in my VM.