Saturday, October 21, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations - Change the standard URL in a VHD Machine

Hi All

In a Business scenario, we can setup several VHD all-in-one box Environments in the same Datacenter for various purpose.
One issue is the standard base URL that usually is for all Envs.

In order to change it and allow the team to reach the different Envs, for each Dev Box replace “usnconeboxax1aos” with the desired URL like “XXXXXXX”:

1-  Modify Endpoint URL on IIS

2- Modify web.config files in the C:\AOSService\webroot and replace all standard “url name” entries with the new one (XXXXX)

3- Modify as per the previous step 

4- Again on the VHD VM, modify “Hosts” file on C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc like that:           xxxxx.

5-  Change the “hosts” file on C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc in your Laptop, like:XX.XX.XX.XX 
where XX.XX.XX.XX will be the IP of the VHD Box
You have to add an entry for each VHD URL Env.

6- As the last step, make the Admin User Provisioning

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Gabriele Solieri said...

Ciao Denis,
edit file hosts of PC of collegue or customer can be difficult, for a customer I created a new DNS zone in Active Directory that is called exactly as url of the VM and inside I created a new record A, without name, with the IP of the VM


Denis Macchinetti said...

Great Gabriele, you are right.

As you know we share our first experience that for sure can be improve.
So again thank you!

Lastly, when you change the standard URL the Workflow and the Task Recorder download doesn't work.

I'm trying to find an workaround and I hope in the next days I came up with another post.

If you find an workaround feel free to share with us!


Gabriele Solieri said...

I know that it's important share experiance and my post is for improve it :)
I think in the next days I'll must work with workflow issue ...

see you soon.


Anime Lover said...

Hello , thanks for this post but it didn't work with me and the VHD crashed and gave me internal error 500, can you suggest what to do?

mahesh chemmala said...

usefull article. Thanks for sharing.
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