Wednesday, December 5, 2012

AX 2012 - AOS Crash Kernel Hotfix

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Below the last Kernel Hotfix about AOS Crash ( KB Article Number : 2787191 ) :

Finally, here a complete list of all Kernel Hotfix about AOS Crash issue :

Client crash when selecting record in form's derived table's referencegroup fieldyesdir            

2724568               6.0.1108.1260

System crash when posting intercompany invoice         

2726353               6.0.1108.1331

Client crash when removing multiple users from a security role

2728524               6.0.1108.1339

Generate Incremental CIL causes AOS to crash if CIL code is executed at the same time            

2729087               6.0.1108.1363

AOS crash on development environment using 8 GB and 16 total          

2730676               6.0.1108.1399

Client crash when performing impact analysis against CU-3       

2730777               6.0.1108.1413

Adding an EDT with the reference table property set, Crash the AX Client when on "Confirm adding relation" dialog "yes" is cliccked               

2738534               6.0.1108.1682

AOS crash stack overflow relating to SqlConnectBase::setContext() with multiple SQL statement trace enabled           

2739574               6.0.1108.1707

Client crashes in the query lookup         

2745617               6.0.1108.1894

Request for port of AX6 bug 301574 to the 6.0/6.1 branch - AOS crashing in Ax32Serv!interpret::xal_asg_sym_opr      

2748615               6.0.1108.1932

Client crash when system parameters is set to en for the default language and trying to enter workflow language instructions       

2748479               6.0.1108.1956

AX is crashing while opening edit payment praposal form from Payment journal[ALL ON]         

2758284               6.0.1108.2216

AOS crash during compilation after installing CU3           

2764075               6.0.1108.2360

[Revert of 316400] Client crashes when hovering over method resolve of class SysWorkFlowHierarchyProvider            

2768644               6.0.1108.2506

AOS crash when trying to covert Blank string to ENUM using a custom webservice in AIF          

2778096               6.0.1108.2753

AX client crash when form personalization with moving button from actionpane to page          

2780317               6.0.1108.2844

RFH: DAXSE_314175 (Inactive plan versions are never cleaned up in case of AOS crash) failing whilie clearing all pending orders if AOS crashed

2779941               6.0.1108.2860

AX client crashes exporting to Excel      

2785905               6.0.1108.3031

Running aximpactanalysis.exe in KB Article Number (s) : 2765336 crashes.        

2786562               6.0.1108.3068
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