Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dynamics AX - Per User Session Bandwidth ( WAN Connections )

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What should be the per User Session Bandwidth for WAN AX connections?
The answer is :

- At least 40 kbps per user, for Remote Desktop connections
- At least 200 kbps per user, for AX Rich Client connections

The latency must be less than 5 ms.

Also, consider to compress data between clients and AOS.
Compress data between clients and an AOS [AX 2012]
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Jan B. Kjeldsen said...

Googling shows that at 5 ms client and server can be a maximum of 750 km (465 miles) apart.

5 ms * speed of light / 2 = 750 km

Anonymous said...

Dear Denis Macchinetti,

My company will deloy Ms AX 2012 R3 over WAN (20 users AX Client).
Headquarters deloy Ax server, Database.. and 20 users branch office access over WAN 5 Mbps (MPLS VPN Layer 2).

bandwidth WAN 5 Mbps for 20 users Ax Client. Can afford it or not? (AX Rich Client connections)

Sorry, My English not good.