Wednesday, April 24, 2019

LCS Environment Status not Updated - Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations LBD

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It could happen that the LCS Environment Status is not Up to date in relation with the On Premise Env Status.

For instance, the Environment is Up & Running but the LCS Status is Deploying.


That behavior could happen because the Orchestrators aren't able to communicate with LCS


First of all, try to press the "Refresh State" Button on the LCS main Project Page.
If doesn't work, go through all Orchestrators and run the Test-D365FOConfiguration.ps1 script.
Probably will fail with the error : Unable to find access rules for certificate for user Domain\svc-LocalAgent$

In that case, run the Set-CertificateAcls.ps1 script and rerun the Test-D365FOConfiguration.ps1 script.
Repeat for all Orch

Lastly, go through LCS, count until 10 and refresh the page!

That's it

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