Friday, March 8, 2019

Visual Studio Solution compilation issue - Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations


below I will share a strange behavior that could help others with the same issue.


Starting with the 8.1.3 installation, was not enough anymore to compile the VS Solution, but was necessary to compile the entire Model in order to test our modifications.


When we installed 8.1.3 version, we had run the AXUpdateInstaller.exe and that's it!
But was not enough because by default the DefaultTopologyData.xml contain only the AOSService component and not the other ones.

So, we had run "AXUpdateInstaller.exe list" in order to have a list of the components that are installed on the computer like ALMService, DIXFService and DevToolsService.
The last one, dev tools were not updated causing a version difference!

By the way, we have update the DefaultTopologyData.xml file adding all Components installed on the VM and regenerate and rerun the runbook.

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