Monday, October 30, 2017

The client id must be unique across all clients - Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations On Premises Installation

Hi Guys

To the same Customer I'm going to install the second On Premise Environment.

During the "Step 18 - Configure AD FS" I had run the following command in order to create the new Application:

 .\Publish-ADFSApplicationGroup.ps1 -HostUrl '' -ApplicationName 'Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations On-premises ENVNAME'

 Here I raised the error "The client id must be unique across all clients"

I checked the log wrote in the same folder as the script and I notice that the process failed to the script "D365FO-OP\D365FO-OP-ADFSApplicationGroup.psm1” at line 199

Here the "workflowClientId" is set with a fixed ID value.

I guess is a error so, I changed the line in:

"$workflowClientId = ([guid]::NewGuid())"

Before rerun the script, delete the partial Application created before through the ADFS Management Console

P.S.  The workaround above have an issue, the workflow doesn't work anymore. 
Unfortunately, I don't know where, Microsoft Dynamics 365FO search the Fixed Value...
I will create another post in order to explain how to modify the same Application in order to handle also other Environments.

Till Soon!


Martin G Rasmussen said...

Hi Denis,

I am running in to the same issue and I want to hear, if you succeded with ADFS configuration and having multiple environments in same ADFS environment?

My plan for now is to generate a new GUID, document it for the specific environment and change the scripts as needed.

Denis Macchinetti said...

Hi Martin

Yes, you can use the same ADFS Server.
I will create another post that will explain how to.

rajeev said...

Hi Denis,

I have to use same adfs when i am configuring another environment.

I have added new URL in native - Financial reporting and native application

After that do i need to run and publish URL from step 18. of on premise installation link
or i have to skip.