Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TFS – Add or Duplicate a Work Item Type

Hi Guys

In order to add a new Work Item Type you can take a look at

A more easy and fast way is to use the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Power Tools.

For instance, if you have TFS 2013 you can find the tool at the follow link.

Practically, in order to duplicate or create a Work Item Type the steps are:

1-      Install the Tool according the TFS version

2-      Open Visual Studio and go through the menu Tools\Process Editor\Work Item Types\Export WIT

3-      Choose the proper Team Project

4-      Choose the origin Work Item Type

5-      Choose the destination folder

6-      Edit the XML ( i.e. Notepad )

7-      Rename the WORKITEMTYPE and DESCRIPTION Tag

8-      Save the XML

9-     Come back to Visual Studio

10-   Go through the menu Tools\Process Editor\Work Item Types\Import WIT

11-   Choose the XML file

12-   Choose the Team Project

13-   Press OK

That’s it!

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