Saturday, February 28, 2015

AX 2012 - Debug doesn't work, breakpoint doesn't stop

Hi Guys

About this topic, you will find many post in google.

With my, I just want to underline a strange behaviour that I have faced.
Pratically, in my scenario, the Debugger opened ( with many "flash" ) but doesn't stop to any code.

So, after check the Microsoft links :

without success, I realize that the problem was related to the User Account Control (UAC) enable!

So, I have open Dynamics AX with administrative privileges and all worked fine!
Obviously, you can disable the UAC.

See you soon!


gravisus said...

We have same issue with debugger, the reason is opened VPN connection :)

Tommy Skaue said...

And on Windows 2012 R2, turning off UAC might be a hazzle.