Sunday, April 6, 2014

MVP 2014 on Dynamics AX


Few days ago, Microsoft given me the award as MVP on Dynamics AX.
I'm very excited and I do not believe yet.
Thanks to all and I'll continue to work hard to grow on Dynamics AX.

Stay tuned!



Tommy Skaue said...

Congratulations! :D

Denis Macchinetti said...

Thanks Tommy!

Uday Karve said...

how to use distinct in select statement in x++ because in sql we use distinct key word but in x++ select, distinct key word not available.

Denis Macchinetti said...

Hi Uday

Please, post your query on Microsoft Dynamics Community :

So, will be useful also for others.


Marcel Domingus said...

Hi, Denis, congratulations with your MVP award!

Cheers, Marcel Domingus

Denis Macchinetti said...

Hi Marcel

Happy to hear you.


Now, I am become a "star" on Dynamis AX world

Diego Mancassola said...

Over the top!