Friday, October 25, 2013

AX Utility and Tip

Cross References

Generate a project with application objects from "used by" cross-references

Setting breakpoints from cross reference and search result windows

ID change in Dynamics AX data dictionary

Restore AX database in different domain

What is my data distribution by company(DATAAREAID) for a specific Dynamics AX table?

A Power shell script for updating admin user SID and other details

“The Art Of Debugging” – Tip 3 – Instrumenting your code using the Event Log

Consuming a Web Service in AX 2012 is easy

Client Access Log (Dynamics AX 2012)

Export all shared projects

Online formatting Sql Stantement

Translate text with Microsoft Translator from AX

PowerShell script to restart Windows (AOS) services remotely

Cleaning up after AxBuild.exe

Changing the Background Color on AX Forms in AX 2012

Color code forms in AX 2012, depending on environment/company

AX 2012 Development Cheat Sheet / X++


AX 2012 Consignor solution available on CodePlex

Deployment Customizations across more Environment

Model store deployment using batch files

How We Manage Development - Automated Builds

Enjoy !

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