Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Office Add-in work also with a non Admin AX user

Hi all

If an AX user haven't Sys Admin Role and don't use an AIF service, can't read and publish data with Office Add-in

The workaround is :

1- Add privilege AIFGenericDocumentService to the Role Systemuser. This permit the access to the class AIFGenericDocumentService

2- Add the table AifGdsCache to the permission of the Role Systemuser. This table is necessary for the cache using by Add-in

3- Add to the user the role Systemuser and the roles related the specific area

With this workaround you can't add a table to Excel, but you can prepare a Excel file with an AX Admin user and share with other non Admin AX users.

Enjoy !

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Denis for the post. Additional information on AIFGdsCache table permission :
Properties -> effectiveAccess -> Create