Tuesday, December 20, 2011

AX 2012 - Models, Layers, and the Model Store

Models and Model Store

Deploying Customizations and Solutions by using Models and the Model Store

Import\Export ModelStore

Model and model store cmdlets


Export-AXModel -Server SERVERDB -Database DataBaseName –Model "Model Name" -File c:\temp\xxxxx.axmodel

Install-AXModel -Server SERVERDB -Database DatabaseName -File c:\temp\xxxxx.axmodel -DETAILS -Conflict Overwrite

How to add or delete a label file in Dynamics AX 2012

For exporting all models from a single layer, you can use the following Powershell command (in the AX management shell):

$path = 'c:\Share'
Get-AXModel -Layer USR `
    | % {Export-AXModel -Model $_.Name -File (Join-Path $path "$($_.Name).axmodel") }
You have to update the path and the layer, of couse.

If you want Export models in sequence : AX 2012 – Export models in Sequence


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