Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Client/Server Performance

By default, Insert, Update and Delete methods on the Tables are always server bound, even though it is not stated in the definition of the method.
The methods cannot be forced to the client because any client modifier is simply ignored by the Dynamics AX application runtime.

Dynamics AX Report can be executed on either the client or the server. Exactly where to execute the report is defined by the menu item that open the report. If reports are executed on the server but displayed on the client, the individual pages are generated on the server and sent to the client. If a report is executed on the client, the client renders and generates the report pages.

Rich forms are always executed on the client, which results in client/server traffic when fetching and manipulating records. In addition, display methods can degrade form performance because the displayed methods are executed by the form application runtime whenever it refreshes the forms control displaying the value.
A server-bound display method could cause a substantial number of client/server calls, especially if the display methods is show in a grid in which the returned value from multiple display methods is shown at the same time. You can, however, cache the value from the display method by calling the CacheAddMethod method on the FormDataSource object..The form Application runtime then caches the returned values and refreshes them only when the record is modified or re-read.

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